Things You Must Look for When Choosing an HVAC Technician

If you are looking for Oahu air conditioning or HVAC experts, you need to check and look for the following things: 

Service Contracts 

Try to validate if the AC technician works on service contract programs. This way, you can have your device serviced regularly by the same expert. This can provide you better peace of mind. Now, you can inspect such AC technicians’ features and then employ them based on your budget and needs.  

Experience level 

If your air conditioning features state of design and art technology, you’ll need a technician who has similar work experience that deals with your system— a geothermal system, for instance. It doesn’t matter if it’s an old system that has steam-operated radiators, you have to reach out to a technician with the needed expertise and experience of managing the same.  


Take note that the cost of AC replacement, installation, and repair can be pretty high. So, it’s only reasonable to get a written estimate from approximately 3-4 different technicians. Try to contrast the rates and inspect which one offers the maximum number of benefits and the cheapest rates. 


An expert air conditioning contractor should give you the names of their previous clients that you can contact. These references can help you certify if they have been able to meet the needs and expectations of the clients. It’s vital to really talk to previous clients to have essential insights regarding the behavior, rates, quality of services, etc.  


It’s a must to inspect with your local BBB and take note of whether some of their past clients have provided complaints about the operator. When you can observe some complaints, try to find out whether the contractor fixed the issues right away. Also, you have to think about some factors as you employ the AC service provider. These factors may include past client reviews, licenses, expertise, and technical knowledge. When they’ve got a great reputation in this area, then you may choose to employ them to work for your HVAC systems.  


HVAC technicians usually need to have some level of insurance and boding for them to be qualified for a license. So, before you hire an AC contractor for your house, make sure that they hold liability insurance since this kind of policy can compensate any property owner, if necessary or in case of any damage or accidental injury while doing the repairs.  


In most states and municipalities, air conditioning service technicians are required to have professional and academic experience when it comes to on-site training. Moreover, they should pass a few written exams to be a licensed operator in the HVAC industry. You need to request the experts to provide you with a copy of the updated license for the year that you’re planning to work with them and use their service.  

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Reasons Why Your AC Isn’t Working

It’s really frustrating to come home after a long day only to find out that your AC isn’t working when you turn it on. An air-conditioning unit is crucial in keeping our houses comfortable and cool during the hot summer months. Fortunately, you can easily prevent any problems from happening if you perform routine AC maintenance.  

However, there are a couple of various things that can be causing the problem if you do find that your AC isn’t working. With a bit of knowledge of some basic problems, you can solve the issue on your own. On the other hand, if the problem is a bit complicated, your best bet is to leave the job to a professional Honolulu air conditioning repair company. 

Today, we’re going to talk about a couple of reasons why your AC is not working. 

More Refrigerant Needed 

For those who don’t know, your AC system has two units. First, you’ve got an indoor unit that absorbs the warm air inside your house. Then, the warm air will be transferred into the outdoor unit. When it comes to your AC, there’s a fluid inside it called refrigerant. This fluid is crucial for the cooling process of your AC system. If the levels of refrigerant inside the system are low, you’ll have to add more. Unfortunately, this job is best left to professionals. If you want to prevent this issue, it’s best to hire a professional to inspect your AC to guarantee there are no leaks that are causing the levels to drop.  

A Dirty Outdoor AC Unit 

As mentioned early, your AC system has an outdoor unit. Since it is located outside your house, it can accumulate debris and dirt. Unfortunately, it can affect how well the AC system will work if your outdoor unit is clogged with debris and dirt.  

The job of your outdoor AC unit is to take in the warm air from your house and convert it into cooler air through the condenser. If the condenser is clogged, it will restrict the ability of the unit to do its job. Because of this, your AC will not work properly. The best way to solve this problem is to clean your outdoor AC unit regularly to prevent the accumulation of debris. 

The Wrong Settings 

Nowadays, thermostats are a bit more complex compared to the traditional ones. For a couple of homeowners, they will require a bit of practice to get used to. You might have changed accidentally a setting on the thermostat. This can cause the AC to release warm air instead. If your thermostat is programmed improperly, you can always consult the manual.  

Dirty Air Filters 

Clogged or dirty air filters are one of the most popular reasons why AC units don’t work properly. As debris, dirt, or dust collects on the filter, it can cause the thermostat to breakdown. The reason for this is that the dirt prevents warm and cool air to properly circulate. Keep in mind that professionals recommend changing the air filters of your AC every 60 to 90 days.